Week 1 – Art Experience – Landscape with a Corpse

St. Anne’s, Big Bear, CA



When your best friend pushes you down a really steep hill…

So I went on a religious retreat this weekend, and we were talking about our fears when my buddy said, “I’d hate to fall down the side of mountain.” So with this assignment in mind the idea came up to me, and we recreated a scenario where I had fallen off the side of the road and landed my head on a rock. We used fake blood and it was a pretty fun project!

P.S. Fake blood stains really well!


Art 110


My name is Kordell Tan, and I am a freshman majoring in biomedical engineering. I currently play guitar for The St. Clairs and am working with the band to put out a debut EP. Taking this class, I hope to broaden my perception of the world and culture and communication – all things that are directly influenced by the artistic trends of the time. I’m really looking forward to this class!