Week 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

This week start experience was pretty nice because we got to walk around and enjoy the beautiful day. Sometimes I forget that everything can be art if you can see beauty in it. I joined the photowalk led by Crysta Tim who took us down to Brotman Hall from the SOA Galleries, through the walkway near the bookstore. She was very polite in allowing us time to take pictures and she chose a good path to observe!
The different objects and scenes that we saw on our walk were very simple and mundane, however, going on this walk really opened my eye to the inner beauty of simplicity and monotony. The blossoms seen below were my favorite piece of scenery because it represented natural beauty in a synthetic environment. The jade-colored metalwork on the side of the lecture halls always intrigued me because I never knew what it was. The campus is a really nice and well-kept place!


Week 5 – Classmate Conversation – Devon Carus

This week, I met up with Devon Carus. He’s a second year Marketing major here at CSULB. I introduced myself to him because I usually see him at the guitar lounge up in the bookstore. We got to talking about guitars and music and ended up talking about it for a good amount of time. He’s been playing for about 3 years now and mainly focuses on acoustic playing. He is into mainly playing rhythm guitar but is currently trying to learn more lead playing. His favorite artists are the Black Keys and the White Stripes.

Initially, he entered Long Beach as an Aerospace Engineering major, but he didn’t like it that much and switched to Marketing because he believed it was something that could get him somewhere, as he already has some business experience working. For the rest of the time, we ended up talking about other musical interests and different guitars we were into. I definitely hope to jam with him sometime!

Week 5 – Art Experience – Cuisine

This week, chose to do cuisine. I love to eat and I am super interested in learning different recipes for food. I can cook, but my knowledge is very limited. I took a home economics class in junior high, and I have been trying to learn since then.

I decided to mess around with packaged ramen and I ended up adding a bunch of stuff to it. The pack came with the ramen, the spicy soup base, and the sesame and seaweed mixed toppings. I got a little creative and added a small amount of honey to it as well as the two hard boiled eggs. I wasn’t sure if the actual dish was supposed to look artsy, but I know that the flavors I got were definitely satisfying!

Week 5 – Artist Conversation – André Ritter

Artist: André Ritter
Exhibition: Fuse
Media: Metalwork/Jewelry
Gallery: Gatov-West
Website: None

André is a graduate from CSULB’s Metal and Jewelry department. He’s been working with metal and jewelry for about four years now, but he said he had worked with many other types of visual art mediums. Working with metal, he prefers to utilize small pieces on a large canvas rather than large pieces that take up too much space.

At the gallery on Thursday, I spoke to André about his tiki headwear (shown below on the right). He calls it Persistence. It is a beautifully crafted headdress that utilizes cool colors such as blue, green, and a sea-foam greenish color for the feathers. The base of the headdress is leather that has been carefully sewn together. It is embroidered with stamped metal coins made of copper and brass. At the center of the leather base is a ceramic mold of a tiki face (crafted by applying an acid solution). Underneath the embroidery, you can see that he has made some detailed cuts on the leather that have this tribal design.

According to André, he chose to create this because he was very interested in tribal cultures – specifically the tiki cultures in the pacific. He chose cool colors because he just likes the feeling of refreshment and being cool rather than hot. He showed me the process of the production of the headdress. He wet the leather and cut his designs, stained it, and sewed it together in a matter of months. He calculates he spend approximately over a hundred hours on the project.

I really was intrigued by the headdress, which is why I approached him about it in the first place. André was a nice guy that really opened my eyes to the fusion of different art forms (metalwork/jewelry/leather). I really liked the tiki concept as well because I’m pretty in tune with my cultural background. I’m from Guam and I like anything that represents Polynesian culture well. I thought it was a beautiful piece.

Week 4 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

I actually work with spray paint a lot. I like to redo the color finish on my guitars and so I tend to go through a lot of cans of spray paint. I’ve never used spray paint for graffiti writing before and it was definitely a challenge. As you can see in my final satisfactory product, it’s not completely defined (at least as much as I’d like it to be) because I began to run out of paint. However, it was a very fun project!

In reference to people who actually tag for expression, doing this as an art experience really helped me to at least visualize how graffiti writing must help with people and self-expression. It’s such a casual form of art and the world is literally the artists’ canvas. Although many places ban graffiti, I think it should be made legal everywhere because a lot of the art that people produce is actually very creative and full of emotion. It is sad that it is too closely associated with vandalism and gangs.


Week 4 – Classmate Conversation – Greg Plantenga

This week I met up with Greg Plantenga who is a 2nd year, Business Marketing major. He’s from Livermore, CA, and he really likes sports. Right now he’s participating in intramural flag football and basketball. Last year he dormed on campus this year he lives in an apartment near school.

We were talking about about our hometown and the weather. He really likes the weather here in Southern California, where it is bright and sunny, while I like weather up there in Northern California. Livermore is an area just outside of the Bay Area,and he was saying that he’d rather live down here by the beach.

Definitely a nice dude!


Week 4 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

Artist: Jane Weibel
Exhibition: 3 Selves
Media: Sculpture/Ceramic Arts
Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Website: none
Instagram: @janemargarette

For this week’s artist conversation, I got to meet with third year Jane Weibel. She is a ceramics art major who aspires to explore more reflections of art in ceramics and sculpture. She’s been working on art since she was a teenager.

Weibel’s piece, 3 Selves, are three black edifices that stand a couple of feet away from each other. They are black statues that are shaped with stacked empty and defaced boxes. On these boxes, with blue, pink, and green string, she has attached pictures of what seem to be close up images of a person’s body. It is hard to tell what material the art is made of, but the surface is not smooth; rather, it is callous and I would assume that it is some kind of ceramic material. I didn’t touch it, but I would imagine that it would feel very bumpy.

After a short conversation she revealed that each part of her piece reflected the key emotions and characteristics that she identifies to be things that can either bring discouragement, shame, and other negative aspects of the human condition. Of course, the interpretation for her piece is up for interpretation.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed observing her work. I am very interested in the psyche of individuals. To me, the artwork really emphasized the intimacy of sexuality and how it can be seen as a natural and dangerous, yet intriguing thing that humans tend to leave in the back of their minds. Below I’ve attached a video from her Instagram showing the process she took to create this. It is very cool!






Process – 3 selves #csulbceramicarts

A video posted by Jane Margarette Weibel (@janemargarette) on Feb 11, 2016 at 9:13am PST


Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Diego Palacios

Artist: Diego Palacios
Exhibition: BFA Design and Sculptors
Media: Installation, Sculpture, Painting, Video, Performance
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: None
Instagram: Not given

So, since Diego, an art major at CSULB, was unable to be at the exhibit being held in the Gatov Gallery East, I got to talking to Daniel, who put together the show, about the different artwork that was being held in the gallery. I learned that Diego uses the tangible world to create artworks that appreciate everyday life and explore mundane experiences.

Palacios’ piece, consisted of three steel chairs and a video of dogs playing and a stationary motor vehicle. You could sit on the chairs, which were a bit colder than the room temperature. This is probably because the chairs were metal. There was a blue chair, a green chair, and a yellow chair. This work was placed in a corner of the room with dim lighting. It was really simple and implied a very “old-time” vibe.

Talking to Daniel, who set this show up with just one week’s notice, I learned that Palacios had planned on continue with this theme of reflecting on the reality of our world. The chairs were meant to signify sitting or existing and living in the moment, watching life pass by and observing life. The video that was included in the artwork was meant to revive the concept of the animation of life and the idea of our mundane society. In the video there was a clip of puppies running around and that symbolized the importance of family.

Overall, the whole experience of this first gallery was very intriguing for me. I thought that Diego’s display was simply playing with the idea of age because the chairs looked really old and in one of the clips from the video, there were a few frames where there was what looked to me like an old truck. It was cool talking to Daniel about this particular display in the Gatov-East Gallery because it was a display of different art forms: sculpture, painting, and installation. Being given only a week’s notice about the show, he had to make key decisions about the placement of the artwork. Diego’s work was placed in dimly lit corner and it really emphasized the whole reflective idea behind it.

As a musician, I can take to heart the techniques Diego uses to influence his art!

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Week 3 – Art Experience – Snapchat

I use Snapchat a lot in my daily routine. It’s just a fun way to communicate to others how your day is going, with the Snapstory feature. The filters are pretty cool and it is awesome that you can also save pictures that you’ve drawn on, using Snapchat’s art feature. The two left pictures are my snaps while the other two came from my classmates, Andrew Andrade and Ashley Batres. I think that Snapchat really gives the person you’re trying to communicate with a lot of context clues with what you’re trying to say, especially if the image that is going along with the text provides some insight to what you’re trying to get across.

Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – Andrew Andrade


First off, I think it’s cool that we’re sort of forced to get to know each other. Seeing as there are so many people in this class, there is bound to be a large assortment of individuals to be met, and there is probably a lot of different personalities to be experienced.

So, today I got the chance to know Andrew Andrade. He’s a second year majoring in political science. We got to talking because we were both a bit lost on what exactly we were supposed to do for the gallery viewing. Since this was the first gallery, I’m pretty sure we were all a bit lost.

We just talked about our majors, studies, and classes. We’re both taking this class mainly for general education requirement purposes, but we are pretty open to the activities that we will be doing in class.

For the majority of the gallery, we observed the artworks together. I found out that he does not have that much of an insight in the meaning of the art, however, each artwork did spark a lot of interest in him. He was most interested in the process of the making of the art.

Overall, he’s a cool guy and is someone I’d like to get to know!