Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – Andrew Andrade


First off, I think it’s cool that we’re sort of forced to get to know each other. Seeing as there are so many people in this class, there is bound to be a large assortment of individuals to be met, and there is probably a lot of different personalities to be experienced.

So, today I got the chance to know Andrew Andrade. He’s a second year majoring in political science. We got to talking because we were both a bit lost on what exactly we were supposed to do for the gallery viewing. Since this was the first gallery, I’m pretty sure we were all a bit lost.

We just talked about our majors, studies, and classes. We’re both taking this class mainly for general education requirement purposes, but we are pretty open to the activities that we will be doing in class.

For the majority of the gallery, we observed the artworks together. I found out that he does not have that much of an insight in the meaning of the art, however, each artwork did spark a lot of interest in him. He was most interested in the process of the making of the art.

Overall, he’s a cool guy and is someone I’d like to get to know!


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