Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Diego Palacios

Artist: Diego Palacios
Exhibition: BFA Design and Sculptors
Media: Installation, Sculpture, Painting, Video, Performance
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: None
Instagram: Not given

So, since Diego, an art major at CSULB, was unable to be at the exhibit being held in the Gatov Gallery East, I got to talking to Daniel, who put together the show, about the different artwork that was being held in the gallery. I learned that Diego uses the tangible world to create artworks that appreciate everyday life and explore mundane experiences.

Palacios’ piece, consisted of three steel chairs and a video of dogs playing and a stationary motor vehicle. You could sit on the chairs, which were a bit colder than the room temperature. This is probably because the chairs were metal. There was a blue chair, a green chair, and a yellow chair. This work was placed in a corner of the room with dim lighting. It was really simple and implied a very “old-time” vibe.

Talking to Daniel, who set this show up with just one week’s notice, I learned that Palacios had planned on continue with this theme of reflecting on the reality of our world. The chairs were meant to signify sitting or existing and living in the moment, watching life pass by and observing life. The video that was included in the artwork was meant to revive the concept of the animation of life and the idea of our mundane society. In the video there was a clip of puppies running around and that symbolized the importance of family.

Overall, the whole experience of this first gallery was very intriguing for me. I thought that Diego’s display was simply playing with the idea of age because the chairs looked really old and in one of the clips from the video, there were a few frames where there was what looked to me like an old truck. It was cool talking to Daniel about this particular display in the Gatov-East Gallery because it was a display of different art forms: sculpture, painting, and installation. Being given only a week’s notice about the show, he had to make key decisions about the placement of the artwork. Diego’s work was placed in dimly lit corner and it really emphasized the whole reflective idea behind it.

As a musician, I can take to heart the techniques Diego uses to influence his art!

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