Week 4 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

I actually work with spray paint a lot. I like to redo the color finish on my guitars and so I tend to go through a lot of cans of spray paint. I’ve never used spray paint for graffiti writing before and it was definitely a challenge. As you can see in my final satisfactory product, it’s not completely defined (at least as much as I’d like it to be) because I began to run out of paint. However, it was a very fun project!

In reference to people who actually tag for expression, doing this as an art experience really helped me to at least visualize how graffiti writing must help with people and self-expression. It’s such a casual form of art and the world is literally the artists’ canvas. Although many places ban graffiti, I think it should be made legal everywhere because a lot of the art that people produce is actually very creative and full of emotion. It is sad that it is too closely associated with vandalism and gangs.



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