Week 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

This week start experience was pretty nice because we got to walk around and enjoy the beautiful day. Sometimes I forget that everything can be art if you can see beauty in it. I joined the photowalk led by Crysta Tim who took us down to Brotman Hall from the SOA Galleries, through the walkway near the bookstore. She was very polite in allowing us time to take pictures and she chose a good path to observe!
The different objects and scenes that we saw on our walk were very simple and mundane, however, going on this walk really opened my eye to the inner beauty of simplicity and monotony. The blossoms seen below were my favorite piece of scenery because it represented natural beauty in a synthetic environment. The jade-colored metalwork on the side of the lecture halls always intrigued me because I never knew what it was. The campus is a really nice and well-kept place!


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