Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Andrea Williams

Artist: Andrea Williams
Exhibition: Sacrifice
Media: Ceramic/Clay
Gallery: Gatov-West
Website: None

This week, I got the chance of seeing art created by Andrea Williams, an undergraduate majoring in Ceramics. Born and raised in Riverside, she loves animals. She used to experiment with music and drawing as her art medium, but has since taken a strong interest in ceramic art.
Her gallery this week, titled Sacrifice, were displays of clay and ceramic wall mounts that depicted biblical images of a naked woman and her journey through pregnancy. The clay faces of the mounts have this dripping design and the surface was very rough. In front of each wall mount there were small sculptures of clay-made body parts, such as legs, a hip bone, and an animal skull.
Upon my initial observation of the art, I thought she was trying to portray the sacrifice Jesus made for people. With the title Sacrifice, I assumed she was referring to the sacrifice He made for us. It gave me a feeling of strong love and passion. The mounts were so beautifully crafted and emphasized the time she put into her art.
After asking her about the art, Andrea revealed that she wanted to focus on the sacrifice a mother provides for her child. Growing up she expressed how supportive her parents were for her art and interests. She talked about how she joined a band and how she has been playing the drums since she was a teenager. Her parents were always there to support her endeavors.






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