Week 8 – Artist Conversation – Almira Nikravesh

Artist: Almira Nikravesh
Exhibition: Scultpur B.F.A. Senior Show
Media: Sculpture/Modeling
Gallery: Maxine Merlino
Website: None
Instagram:  @almiranikravesh

This week, I got to meet with a sculptor, named Almira Nikravesh. She considers her a “maker” or a creator of things. This causes her to really engage in and utilizes the way she sees and feels music. She like stop weight-life in her free time. That was quite surprising because not many girls want to go to the gym and work out body parts. An important thing that she stands for is personal space among peers.

For her senior show gallery, he used MDF wood to create this wooden carpet with an elegant design on it. The final project produced a wooden-like carpet that. She decided to attempt to do this carpet because her father enjoys see her try new things. Along the four walls, at the bottom, there were sculptured feet. They were all identical in shape and size.

Almira reveals that her art work centered around self-consciousness and the self-esteem of any person engaging in their art. The feet represent her ethnic background as being without shoes or socks, as it emphasized freedom from everyone.

When I was observing the artwork, I was really into the wooden MDF carpet. It’s pretty cool you can make stuff like your own rag or wall mounts using programming skills. Overall, though, I really liked the art because of that cultural background. I’m really into culture, myself, as I like to promote my island roots to people when the time is right!





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