Po T. Ato

Name: Po T. Ato
Profession: Organic Mercenary and Part-time Honey Harvester


It’s the year 2046 and organic materials have contracted a virus that gives them intelligence to move, think, and do. I live in the mountains of Olympus, somewhere on Mars. I eat potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This place is literally infested with them. My silly cousin working for the Ministry of Agricultural Sorcery wouldn’t heed my warnings when my bees were coming back in fewer numbers. One day, I found where most of the had died – a cave where the infamous organivirus was cultivated and spread to infect the planet’s supply of organic plants. Now every day, I wait. Hoping the Moonbase Alpha League figures out a way to cure this disease.

Continue the story with…

My cousin: Toma Ato

My congressional representative: Mr. Spacey

Fellow mercenary: Tsunami the Eliminator



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