Week 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

This week, I get to send a care package to Molly Poyer. I’m sending her a drawing of a shark I did a couple years ago for fun during boring a class in high school. This ephemeral piece is different than sending  Snapchat as it isn’t done digitally, however, it is still something that is kind of similar because in both mediums, you are sharing something that is happening in  your life. I believe that ephemera is precious to the people that it is being shared with. Of course, someone would find it valuable! I think that people just have different perspectives and that not everyone will find something that represents art to them.

I feel like sending the art package as opposed to an instant Snapchat is detrimental because you could share so much more if it is instant. I think that sending love has to do more with the message than it does with the time and effort taken to send it.

I hope Molly can appreciate my art package!


Week 13 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: Mixed Media
Media: Ceramics
Gallery: Gatov-East
Website: none
Instagram:  @nickbamf4rd

This week I got to see an art exhibition by CSULB’s Nick Bamford. He is currently a senior who is working towards his undergraduate degree in ceramics. He is heavily influenced by Picasso and he utilizes specific form and structure in his art. He identifies mostly with cubism. His art career started in high school when he took a class for ceramics!

His art exhibit includes three glowing structures that are presented in a black light setting. There were a bunch of  smaller objects that made these 3 larger structures. One had this spinning fan, so I think he also had some electronics included in his piece. They were oddly shaped and had seem to be mainly abstract. The black light brought out some interesting exotic colors -all of which were neon.

Bamford says that the purpose of this artwork was to emphasize the idea of many unorthodox or weird objects coming together and blending to mean something special and to create something beautiful. He used the black light simply because it was different from what most artists would do. He wanted to be different. He really enjoyed creating it and was proud of his idea to use small objects to create it. He concludes by claiming that “Art is Life” and that it has become a part of who he is!

I thought that the idea Bamford had was pretty cool. It was definitely different from anything I had experienced before, but I really liked the way he used to black light for this project. It was kinda calm with it being dark and colorful. I was inside alone in the gallery and it was so peaceful!




Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Cheryl Peng

This week, I had the opportunity to meet Cheryl Peng, a first year communications major, here at CSULB. She currently dorms and is from Hacienda Heights which is a ways away from Long Beach, but she definitely enjoys it here. Back home, she used to work as a busser at a local cafe which was pretty cool. I asked her why she chose her major and she responded by explaining how she struggles with general subjects such as math and science, however, she is really open to anything that could possibly interest her.

We mostly talked about my interests in music and about my band. It turns out that she is pretty open to many genres of music. She likes trap and anything that you can move to, but she hates EDM. I found this a little interesting as I would have thought she might be into it. I guess you can’t judge a book by it’s cover!

Definitely a cool person, and I hope to see her around!



Week 12 – Art Experience – Location Based Gaming

I thought that this art experience was quite fun! It was pretty cool to go on this treasure hunt-like activity. I took my girlfriend to look for some of the things on the geocache map, but a lot of them we were going for ended up being lost caches. Eventually, I found one at the base of the Pyramid near the base at the support beams. I forgot to take a picture of what was inside, but there was an eraser, a button, and a paper clip; however, there was no log for me to write my name. I thought it was kind of fun and I think I’ll continue to use the geocache app! I plan on hiding my cache somewhere along my route to work!


Here’s my cache!

Treasure at the Movies
33° 87.119 N
117° 92.4328 W


Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Digital Printmaking/Painting
Gallery: Gatov-West
Website: none
Instagram:  none

This week I got to meet Jennifer Chen who is in her graduating semester in the master’s program at the School of Art, here at CSULB. She specializes in digital printmaking and painting, and she uses a sort of masking technique that she utilizes after printing images which she has edited using photoshop. She plans on teaching Art 270 next semester which is “Intro to Digital Printmaking.”

On my initial observation, I saw that all of these artworks are warped scenes of zoomed in google images. Jennifer seems to have implemented the use of paint to make certain parts of each scene to stand out a bit more. The images of the scenery are warped, kind of like the image you get when you are in the middle of zooming in on Google Maps. She uses color really well to achieve this effect! Some of the other works include copies of vandalism that she found around town. There are defined scratches that depict the wear of the surface.

Jennifer did her undergraduate degree in Biology and this art exhibit is sort of an attribution to her studies in biology. Succession is meant to recognize the changes that occur in an environment. For example, after a flood or a fire, the environment that is barren is then succeeded by the return of life. Her pieces depict that in her use of the paint that mark special areas of the scenery that symbolize the foundation of succession. She also wanted to encourage the idea of different perspective on environment. Where one sees dirt and wilderness, another might see beauty and peace.

Overall, I like the concept that Jennifer wanted to implement in this exhibition. Her form of art is definitely unorthodox in my opinion, but I do like that it is different because being different adds variety to the solidarity in art!




Week 12 – Classmate Conversation – Jessica Addonizio

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jess Addonizio. She is a New Jersey girl who is a freshman majoring in Film here at CSULB. She chose this school mostly because Steven Spielberg went here. Her interest in film art can be traced to a multimedia class she took in high school, prompting her interest in film production and design. Her favorite movie so happens to be Breakfast Club, which in my opinion is a classic film! Some interesting things about Jess is that this semester, she was encouraged to play rugby for the school’s team which is was pretty surprising because I would never have guessed at first glance! Starting in 6th grade, she has been involved with track and field and did events such as hurdles and sprints. She’s definitely a chill person and I hope I see her name on the credits of a hit film in the future!

Week 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

I thought this ephemeral art exercise was pretty interesting and thought-provoking. It was cool to see Marta’s point in that the library and the bookstore aren’t used mainly for their intended purposes anymore. It kind of shows that things and their utilities can evolve with the times. Since not many people use books as their main source of information, a lot of the media at the bookstore is electronic and the library’s first floor has no written material. There are just computers and a Starbucks.