Week 13 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: Mixed Media
Media: Ceramics
Gallery: Gatov-East
Website: none
Instagram:  @nickbamf4rd

This week I got to see an art exhibition by CSULB’s Nick Bamford. He is currently a senior who is working towards his undergraduate degree in ceramics. He is heavily influenced by Picasso and he utilizes specific form and structure in his art. He identifies mostly with cubism. His art career started in high school when he took a class for ceramics!

His art exhibit includes three glowing structures that are presented in a black light setting. There were a bunch of  smaller objects that made these 3 larger structures. One had this spinning fan, so I think he also had some electronics included in his piece. They were oddly shaped and had seem to be mainly abstract. The black light brought out some interesting exotic colors -all of which were neon.

Bamford says that the purpose of this artwork was to emphasize the idea of many unorthodox or weird objects coming together and blending to mean something special and to create something beautiful. He used the black light simply because it was different from what most artists would do. He wanted to be different. He really enjoyed creating it and was proud of his idea to use small objects to create it. He concludes by claiming that “Art is Life” and that it has become a part of who he is!

I thought that the idea Bamford had was pretty cool. It was definitely different from anything I had experienced before, but I really liked the way he used to black light for this project. It was kinda calm with it being dark and colorful. I was inside alone in the gallery and it was so peaceful!





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