Week 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

This week, I get to send a care package to Molly Poyer. I’m sending her a drawing of a shark I did a couple years ago for fun during boring a class in high school. This ephemeral piece is different than sending  Snapchat as it isn’t done digitally, however, it is still something that is kind of similar because in both mediums, you are sharing something that is happening in  your life. I believe that ephemera is precious to the people that it is being shared with. Of course, someone would find it valuable! I think that people just have different perspectives and that not everyone will find something that represents art to them.

I feel like sending the art package as opposed to an instant Snapchat is detrimental because you could share so much more if it is instant. I think that sending love has to do more with the message than it does with the time and effort taken to send it.

I hope Molly can appreciate my art package!


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