Week 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

This art experience was really fun. I like drawing, but I’m not that good at it, in my opinion. The Japanese Garden is a really beautiful place and I’m glad we took the time out of our days to go and spend an hour there. I think that this art experience is the standard art experience that everyone usually thinks of when you think of art. In terms of abstract or representational sketches, I feel like all of my sketches look like they’re abstract. I was hanging out with Maison while I worked on my sketches. Her sketches were definitely superior to mine.

I really didn’t know how to choose what to draw so I decided to draw whatever it was that was closest to me! My three representative sketches are shown first and my three abstract are shown after the first three.

rep 1rep 2rep 3abs 1abs 2abs 3

It was simply relaxing to sit down and draw whatever we were seeing. Next is my three representational photos along with my three abstract photos.








I think I have a better eye for photography than I do for sketches. Overall, I think I had more fun drawing than I did taking photos because the process of drawing is a lot more enjoyable to me. I think I will start to get more into drawing as time goes by.



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