Week 15 – Artist Conversation –

Artist: Nancy Young
Exhibition: As The Crow Flies
Media: Printmaking/Sketching
Gallery: Dutzi Gallery
Website: none
Instagram:  none

Nancy is currently an undergraduate art major here at CSULB. She is working towards her BFA in printmaking and will graduate soon. She really likes music and nature and wants to work with animals in the future. Her love for animals is very apparent in the works presented in her art exhibit.

Upon initial observation of Nancy’s works, they all look like they’ve been sketched and scanned. It is apparent that each piece was printed since there is no apparent texture on the images. Each picture involved some kind of animal; most of the animals turned out to be crows or ravens, and this is probably why the exhibition is called as such. She printed each image in black and white. There was little to no color. The lighting of the room really emphasized the shadows of each art piece, making them appear darker.

According to Nancy, she wanted to create a “bird leaving the nest” idea. It is reflective of her almost getting to graduate from the art program she is currently in. She talked about how the process of how she came to create this art exhibit came to play in its reflective theme. She had a rough plan of how she was going about the project, however, she had to adapt to whatever life gave her and this showed how her maturity as an artist has given her the tools necessary to get past the obstacles that are present when pursuing projects such as her exhibit.

I thought that her exhibit was cool and I liked her idea behind the project because it is different than the other exhibits we’ve seen this semester. It seems fitting that at the end of my first year at CSULB, I get to see an exhibit about moving to another level of maturity. Reflecting on this last year, I plan to do more next semester to improve myself as a student as well as my experiences here at college.






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