Week 15 – Classmate Conversation – Molly Poyer

This week I had the opportunity to meet Molly Poyer, who is a third-year Communications major, here at CSULB. She chose to study communications because she likes being around people. She isn’t focused in a particular field of communication; she enjoys the whole general subject of communication. She really likes hip-hop/contemporary rap music and her favorite color is green (which was obvious because she was wearing all green). Coincidentally, she is the person I sent my art care package to, though she hasn’t received it yet. Hopefully she likes it!

We mostly talked about the art in the Gatov-Gallery that was created by the senior art majors. They were all pretty cool and we both thought that we could really connect with a lot of the themes because they were mostly from our generation. Overall, Molly is a really chill person and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her talk about her ideas of communication as well as the art that we were looking at.


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